Vjosa Preniqi


I am a Ph.D. student in Data-informed Audience-centric Media Engineering at Queen Mary University of London. For this research, I am focused on finding associations between human moral values, personalities, and music-listening behaviors and preferences by using ML/AI tools and leveraging the power of music streaming and digital media trails. Such insight can support building predictive models of complex high-level psychological constructs like moral and human values and multimodal personalized recommendation systems. The data-informed models developed in this project will help to unlock the potential of uniquely tailored user experiences, recommendation systems, and communication strategies in digital media. This project is in collaboration with the BBC, and the Data Science Lab at ISI Foundation.

Previously, I was Chevening Scholar and co-founder of NGO Education Code, whose mission was to support and increase the opportunities for Women in Tech. I also have some industrial experience as Data Scientist: I worked for Drax company in London and then later for Quantix LLC in Prishtina.


  • MScBig Data Science and Techonology (2019)
    University of Bradford
  • BScComputer Science (2014)
    University of Prishtina